Rock Picker Wizard - Step 2: Pick Your Rock

Now that you've looked at your environment, it's time to determine which model rock is right for you. Basically, the size and location of the chosen area determines which model will work best.


Any of our Small Rocks or Planter Speakers will work well in these areas. Click an image below for more details on each speaker.

Small Rocks

Our Garden/Patio speakers utilize 6.5 inch speakers that are well suited for smaller open areas, yet still deliver high quality sound, while disguising the sound source. They are smaller in physical size than our large rocks and fit in perfectly in a flower bed, next to your hot tub, along a walkway or around a small pool.

Classic Stone Stealth      Sierra Stone Stealth     RiverRock Stealth     Cinema Rock 6.5

Large Rocks

Our large rocks were designed to fill large open areas with sound. Perfect for use around swimming pools, tennis courts or any large area. These utilize an 8 inch woofer for more sound dispersion and better quality sound.

Planter Speakers

Our Planter Speakers also utilize 6.5 inch speaker systems, but are disguised in a different enclosure. Each will hold a living plant to give the space that added touch, while providing the ultimate in sound quality.

 Planter Speaker   

As you can see, there is a wide variety of models to choose from, making it easy to choose one that will blend in with your environment. Call us toll-free: 888-225-9358 8am to 5pm PDT for additional help in choosing the right model for your backyard environment.

Available StereoStone Stealth Colors

Available Stealth Colors

Music In A Rock

StereoStone Inc. manufacturers high quality, outdoor rock and planter speakers. Used in DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, zoos, fine restaurants, hotels and theme parks around the world, these rocks look just like the real thing, and produce the sound quality you would expect from a high-end speaker. Just because you hear it, doesn't mean you have to see it. That's why our SoundStealth Series is virtually indistinguishable from a real rock! From our planter speakers to our top of the line Da Vinci Cinema Rock, you'll find what you need to fill your outdoor environment with beautiful sounds.

Listen to StereoStone Rock Speakers at Universal Studios - DisneyWorld - Harry Potter Exhibit - Major Theme Parks - Fine Hotels and Restaurants around the world.

Don't be fooled by other inferior products on the market today. Most of them are made in China. We're proud to say our products are Made In The USA to the highest standards. Standards so high we back them with a lifetime warranty. You won't be replacing these speakers every season. Don't be left without your outdoor music this summer. Power your outdoors with StereoStone rock speakers. Visit our Helpdesk if you have any questions, or call us: 541.249.7217 8am to 5pm Pacific Time.

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